The Equal Opportunities Officer is the contact person for all members of our faculty in questions and matters relating to equal opportunities.


The term equality opposes all forms of disadvantage and discrimination. This includes, in particular, disadvantage or discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, disability and cultural or social origin. If you are affected by this or have any questions, please feel free to contact our Equal Opportunities Officer.

Furthermore, the Equal Opportunities Officer has voting rights in the Faculty Council and is accountable to it. She or he has the right to speak and make motions in appointment and appointment committees and is part of the Equal Opportunities Council of our university.

Her/his actions are based on legal requirements such as the Saxon Higher Education Act and our university's equal opportunities programme.



Mobile games box

You can find the mobile games box in room A 520. You can also borrow it from the Commissioner for Equal Opportunities if required.

  • Commissioner for Equal Opportunities

    Telephone: +49 341 97-32364


Further information and more game kits can be found at the Staff Office for Equal Opportunities, Diversity and Family.


Changing tables

Our faculty is equipped with two changing stations. You will find them in the women's and also in the men's toilets on the 5th floor of the Augusteum opposite the Office of Study Affairs. As a rule, nappies are also available there.

Compensation for disadvantages

Students with disabilities or chronic illnesses, as well as pregnant women, women giving birth and breastfeeding women, are generally entitled to so-called disadvantage compensation if a disadvantage arises due to this situation. The compensation for disadvantages enables, among other things, the adjustment of examination and study conditions.

The Office of study affairs of our faculty is responsible for counselling and the application.

Please also visit the website of the Equal Opportunities, Diversity and Family Office for more details on this topic.

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