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Masks no longer required in lectures

An updated version of the University’s Hygiene and Infectious Disease Concept came into force today. The most important change is that students are now no longer required to wear masks during classes and lectures. This obligation was already lifted last year for all other rooms and indoor areas…

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Why there are different mask rules for staff and students

The number of people infected with COVID-19 is rising sharply again. Now that autumn has arrived, the pandemic situation is expected to intensify once more. According to the current Hygiene and Infectious Disease Concept, staff and students are subject to different rules for wearing surgical masks.…


New version of Hygiene and Infectious Diease Concept published

The new version of the Hygiene and Infectious Disease Conept has been published and the FAQ pages updated.


Guidance for International Students: Long Waiting Times and Indomitable Willpower

Since 24 February 2022, Helen Matthey and Jana Kuppardt have received numerous requests for advisory services from both prospective students and students from Ukraine. In this interview, they explain how they deal with these challenges and how complex their daily work is.

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