As a research-strong faculty, we offer ideal conditions for a successful doctorate. At our faculty you can pursue your doctorate independently or as a part of a structured or binational programme. Approvals should always be based on the thematic orientation and prior consultation with the supervising professors. At present, our faculty has about 160 doctoral students with almost a quarter from abroad.

enlarge the image: Am Anfang einer Promotion steht die Wahl des Themas, die Suche nach einer Betreuerin oder einem Betreuer sowie einer Finanzierungsquelle. Foto: Christian Hüller
The first step in a doctorate is choosing a topic and looking for a supervisor as well as funding. Photo: Christian Hüller

Pathways to a Doctorate

You work on your doctorate independently at our faculty and usually choose your subject yourself. You are supervised by a professor, producing your dissertation under the guidance of this so-called Doktormutter or Doktorvater. This allows you to freely organise the duration of your dissertation and gives you flexible options if you wish to change your focus or topic while you are working on it.

In a structured doctoral programme, you write your dissertation within a fixed curriculum in which the duration of your doctorate is clearly defined. You earn your doctorate within a Graduate Centre, receiving supervision from several professors. From the outset, you are in close contact with other doctoral researchers and supervisors, with whom you work on joint research projects.

At our faculty it is possible to pursue a structured doctorate in one of the following research training groups:

Soon you can register here online for the Doctoral List of the Faculty. Further information will follow shortly.

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